The Dating Life…

So I’ve been single and dating for a few months now. I need to know when things changed so dramatically. When did we think let’s have sex first then talk?? Apparently that’s it. 

Did all females turn against relationships? Guys have always been about getting a piece. Not that girls are against it. But – WHERE THE HELL DID ROMANCE GO??

Because we sit side by side on my couch does not guarantee you are getting laid. Ugh. I think it’s all changing in the dating world. And it’s not one I want to be a part of. Hold my hand. Kiss me good night. I promise if I want more I will take it further.


The nice girl

So what happens to the nice girl?  Nice guys finish last. Chicks too?  Or is it more like you never finish. You are alone and stalled. 

Can you tell the kind of night I’m having?  Tinder. I’ve been on it and geez can that get old quick. Who knows if anyone likes me because I barley like anyone. POF. so I put in the age range in looking for. Your 15 years or more over that. And you think I’m a bitch because I’m not interested? Or you’re barely legal. Sweetheart find someone your age. Ugh. So are all the nice guys married?

I put my heart out there. And i get burned. I’m actually nice to others and can hold a conversation. I’m successful. I thought that was a good thing, but in reality it makes them run. 
So to the 35-4 year old men. Grow up. Pull up your pants, and buy some clothes that fit. Dress to impress. No one wants a 36 year old thug who thinks he’s in high school. Cut your hair and shave. Pretend you know how to be presentable. You all want the perfect arm candy so try being it! 

Ugh. Men. So overrate. 

Fairytales Ruined Me

That’s right. I blame all those happily ever after stories. 

Prince Charming isn’t real. He’s an oversized child who depends on his parents. Or he’s a player who’s playing games to get some. Maybe you will find one, but then they run at the idea of the next step. 

Men stopped being men. Women, in the need to care for and be there for our men, have stepped in and picked up the pieces they drop. And now fairytales are non-existent. 

Being an adult is overrated. 

The Cowboy

So here’s to going outside my comfort zone. Online Dating. Ugh. It feels dirty. Somehow a bar seems more natural. Ok, well either way isn’t good!


“Swipe Right”➡️


This is not dating. And yet I managed to hit “Super Like🌟.” Mutual Match! 

Every girl wants a real man!

The cowboy is handsome from online. He’s perfect in writing. Common interest. Common friends. Except – my best friend doesn’t like him. She doesn’t know about this online thing, so I’m not sure yet why. They’re in the same business. I’m not ready to find out why. I just want to have hope of a normal relationship for five minutes.  Is that asking a lot? 

So we chatted online. We exchanged numbers. We text. 

And then he vanished. I’m confrontational and need answers… So I asked why?  A quick apology, and an explanation. That’s fair. Then nothing again. This is days into it. Why am a freaking out? Oh right, I’m the damaged one now. Ugh. So it’s time to ride it out. 

I’ll keep swiping and liking for now. The matches the more stories. And so dating begins. Adult overrated. 

Single Again

Yup. It’s true. The stories stopped for awhile. I went back to the “safe” choice. The one who couldn’t give me what I wanted, but was by my side. I wasn’t alone. It was short lived. It gave me time to recognize that he wasn’t what I needed in my life. I’m driven and successful. He’s lazy and unmotivated. It was better this time. We didn’t yell, scream or cry. I explained that I needed more. I haven’t seen him in over a month. I miss having someone here, but not him. All this time and he messaged me to say he’s working on things. We were together for years and now you’re working on them?? 

And so I move on in life. Not as a cheater. Not as a liar. As an adult which is so overrated. 

Looking forward to hello!

Foot Down

So I finally put my foot down to the current guy. We’re done. You made promise after promise to me and have done nothing. His response? I have even if you don’t believe me. Get a car – are you hiding the damn thing?  Get a better job – do you still go to your crap job for fun?? Grow up – you have to call mommy every day WHY? 

Now don’t get me wrong… I miss him. I wanted the future, but those were three key details I needed. We’ve been together for years. HE HAS A CURFEW. We are in our thirties!! I’m not unreasonable. Enough is enough. So now he sulks around telling everyone how he is a failure. He doesn’t fix it. Just complains. Poor him. 

So why the hell am I still waiting for the miracle transformation?  Why can’t I move past him? High school relationships were easier. Break up. Move on. This whole Adult thing is Over Rated 

And not in a good way!